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by Frank.
on 9/23/20
Works exactly as claimed
The FSM thermostat replaced a MoCal thermostat in my 3.6 air cooled kit car, which has a huge oil cooler (7" x 22" x 4" thick) that has almost no pressure drop across it. The MoCal was very similar to having no thermostat at all - the oil never got warm except during track usage. The FSM actually lets the engine oil get up to temperature on most days. Seems very well made. Highly recommended.
by Zach D.
on 9/23/20
Great Kit
I have a Katech 416 LS9 that i'm running naturally aspirated in my 14 Camaro SS. I have 4.10 gears + the 1LE gearing. Peak oil temps were as high as 310 degrees (yikes!) with the factory oil cooler. With the improved racing setup, my peak temps dropped to no higher than 280. Very happy with the kit. Added a 45 degree fitting to hook around my particular header, other than that it fit perfect.
by Robert P..
on 6/16/20
Everything about this filter mount is great, except the mounting bracket. It is so thin and flimsy the filter and filter mount rock back and forth with ease. I am having to brace the filter because I fear the bracket will fail if I don't. If it had been made of thicker aluminum it might have been better or at least gusseted the bends. If it was made from steel I doubt it would flex at all.
by Lance S..
on 5/30/20
Beautifully Made
This thing is thicc and beautifully made. Threads are clean and oil temp sensor ready. Took 3 days to get to the middle of Canada, the Rotary is quite happy with her new oil cooling system.
by Glendon C..
on 5/29/20
Works as designed
I installed this kit with the 200* thermostat in my '09 Z06 that is a dual purpose HPDE/street car. I am in the SF Bay Area so the car gets driven year round. For the most of the time prior to this install, I saw oil temps around 160 especially when cruising on the freeway in 6th gear. Sometimes I run Mobil 1 15W50 and wanted to make sure that oil gets to temp. Now after the install, I am seeing temps nearer to 200*. The kit worked as designed. Parts are of very high quality. I will be adding a 45* elbow to the cooler inlet so I can route a 4"brake duct properly. Improved Racing makes quality stuff.

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